Product Details


Characterstics of product

Adopted PET film as a base material, with advantages of high-strength, high surface smoothness, high-temperature resistance, good flexibility, can work out smoother surface.

Adopted special coating technique, grains are distributed evenly, with advantages of sharp surface, efficient grinding, good surface finishing and good consistency.

Used high-temperature resistant resin, high-strength base material and special bond, to avoid deep scratches and ensure longest toll life.

Special anti-clog coating surface with chip removal and anti-clog, improving the performance of sandpaper.

Better surface smoothness than abrasive cloth, stronger than abrasive paper with better dimensional stability, suitable for both dry and wet sanding.

Main Application

Car primer, finish paint and half-way paint polishing and finishing, defect fixes for automatic electrophoresis paint. Auto body and glass repair. Electronic products, disc polishing Optical fiber and optical fiber connectors grinding and polishing.

Grinding and polishing for automobile crankshaft, mirror rollers, felt wrapped rollers, rubber rollers, motor steering.


Standard size: 1.38m*100m/roll.

Base paper thickness: 50-125 u m

Grit Range

Standard grits: P2000-P60


Standard package: as per customer’s requirements.